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3 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011, États-Unis

NYC New York

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Went there today with two friends after hearing rave reviews. I stuck to the salad bar since I'm generally wary of pre-cooked eggs, but my friends did the brunch bar thing.

It was seriously one of the best cafeteria-style meals I've ever had. The assorted veggies - delicata squash, wild mushrooms, yellow peppers, fennel, Asian eggplant - were roasted to perfection, not too oily or soft. The greens were springy and fresh. And the tofu... yum. Love that tofu.

I'll admit it was a shock to see the $12/lb. price tag on the salad bar - more than twice the average price - but I got away with less than $15 in total, including a soft drink.

I know it seems weird to go to CB without eating cookies or a pretzel croissant, but I wasn't in the mood. I'll definitely be back, so I'll try the baked goods later.

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